Emily Blunt On US Citizenship – ‘I Don’t Want To Renounce My Queen’ | Film News

"Edge Of Tomorrow" New York Premiere


Emily Blunt has revealed that her US Citizenship was done for ‘tax reasons’. When speaking about the swearing-in ceremony, Blunt confessed that it was a sad moment swearing into a country that was not hers. The Sicario actress went on to insist that she did not want to renounce her Queen.


Following a recent joke Blunt made about regretting her decision to become an American Citizen after seeing Donald Trump at a Republican debate, she received quite a bit of backlash from conservatives. She soon apologized for any offence her words caused, commenting that perhaps the political jokes were best suited for late night television instead. Emily Blunt became an American citizen in August, and now lives in the US with her husband, actor John Krasinski. Her new film, Sicario will open in the UK on October 8.



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