Emily Blunt Rumoured To Star In Disney’s Mary Poppins Reboot | Film News



It was announced earlier this week that Disney hold nothing sacred and have plans to go ahead with a brand new Mary Poppins adaptation- one that takes place two decades after the original, yet is still unclear whether or not it is a sequel or a reboot. With Chicago/Into the Woods director Rob Marshall in the director’s chair and Life of Pi screenwriter David Magee on screenplay duties, all we need is a new Poppins. Disney may have just found one in the shape of Emily Blunt, who is rumoured to be the top choice for the role. Blunt is a fantastic choice and makes a noted change in direction after becoming an unlikely action heroine- something that will continue with the release of her new movie Sicario, out in UK cinemas on October 9th. There is no release date for this reboot yet, but if Blunt is the new Poppins, thats more than enough reason to be cautiously optimistic.



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