Emma Stone Cast As JFK’s Eldest Sister Rosemary | Film News

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Emma Stone Cast As JFK’s Eldest Sister Rosemary | Film News


Actress Emma Stone, who’s previous roles include Gwen Stacey in The Amazing Spider-Man and more recently as recovering drug addict Sam Thomson in the 2014 Academy Award winning film Birdman, has been cast as American President John.F.Kennedy‘s eldest sister Rose-Marie ‘Rosemary’ Kennedy in an upcoming film about her life.


According to Variety, the script entitled Letters From Rosemary, tells the story of JFK’s eldest sister, who, after displaying behavioural problems from an early age, thought to stem from a mental disability that left her in the shadows of the many achievements of her other siblings, her father Joseph Kennedy organised one of the first lobotomies for her at age 23.


The procedure however, left her incapacitated forcing her to spend the remainder of her life in an institution in Wisconsin. The script is written by writer Nick Yarborough and will follow the moments leading up to the procedure and the aftermath of its effects on the rest of the iconic American political family. A director is yet to be attached to the project.



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