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With money seeming to be a significant driving force in Hollywood (because who wants to see an original, non-franchise, non-reboot film anymore?), we must look to Forbes’ annual list of the highest paid actresses to see who deserves our respect. This year, it is Emma Stone who tops the list, beating 2015 and 2016 winner Jennifer Lawrence.


In the 12 month period, Forbes reports that Stone has earned $26 million, half a million more than runner up Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Lawrence was forced into third with place (oh woe is her) with $24 million, almost half of her $46 million 2016 earnings.


According to Forbes, Stone has La La Land to thank for the position. The film earned rave reviews, grossing over $445 million, and winning Stone the Academy Award for Best Actress (but not Best Picture, remember).


Perhaps, and with bitter tongue, she also has her male co-stars to thank. Last month, Stone revealed that in the past, her male co-stars took pay cuts in order to boost her own, allowing for equal pay to defy the gap that certainly prevails in Hollywood. A continuing issue of gender rights, the disparity is even clearer when looking to the earnings of her male counterparts.


Though a list has not yet been released of the world’s highest paid actors for 2017, in a list of the richest entertainers, it is Mark Wahlberg who is highest, with a total of $68 million. He beats last year’s winner Dwayne Johnson, who is two steps below at $65 million. The difference is very clear, and it becomes obvious that something needs to be changed in Hollywood, whether it’s down to pay or more roles for women.


Emma Stone can next be seen in the aptly timed Battle of the Sexes, a tale of the male ego and underestimating the woman. The reimagination of the 1973 tennis match premieres this September in theatres.



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