Bandanas Have Become A Summer Staple | Fashion News


Hair accessories are a must have for a day spent by the pool or beach, whether that means a practical baseball cap, a chic straw hat or the questionable bucket hat. These fashion items are always spotted somewhere around. However, it seems now that a new item may be in the mix: Bandanas.


The 90s inspired look has been proven to be widely popular amongst those vacationing in the scorching heat. You will be sure to see the look plastered upon the glossy pages of Vogue or Elle and it even made its way onto the runways of fashion week. Each being styled in a different individual way. Making the look simple and easy for any desired style.






The look can be worn as a neck scarf tied at the front, as a headband tied on top of your head or even covering your entire head in order to keep the hair out of your face when sunbathing. Some use it as jewellery, wearing it as a bracelet and others sometimes wear it as a belt tied through their jeans. The possibilities are endless.






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