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After what seemed the impossible, England have made it to the World Cup quarter-finals. Following an intense and excruciating penalty shootout against Colombia, the hope for England to win the World Cup is stronger than ever. Can the Three Lions really bring it home?


The nation is hopeful, however what can we expect from England’s first quarter finals since 2006. Saturday’s match against Sweden will be watched by millions…can we beat the Swedes? With many twists and turns this World Cup, fans are waiting anxiously to see what unfolds. Sweden have displayed their talent coming out on top of Group F. They are not to be taken lightly.



With training undergo, England manager Gareth Southgate stresses the importance of this opportunity. England need to “make the most” of this chance. But following some of their knocks from Colombia, there are injury concerns. However, The Football Association confirms and assures that with the exception of Jamie Vardy, every other member were fit for the training sessions.


Optimism is running through the country, and with this match soon approaching, the talks of England possibly winning the World Cup could become reality. Should England beat Sweden, they face Croatia or Russia in the semi-finals. Come on England!



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