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A third Now You See Me film is in the works. Lionsgate has hired American Hustle writer Eric Warren Singer to pen the script, based on his own original idea. It’s reportedly a “fresh take” – whatever that means, are they retooling this series after just two films? – that will capture the spirit of the first films while introduce some new characters.


The first Now You See Me was released in 2013 and follows a group of magicians who perform bank heists while followed by an FBI agent. The sequel found the core group teaming up once again to perform a heist for a criminal mastermind. Both films are deeply, deeply stupid but also hold enough charm for a laid back two hours.


The series boasts an impressive cast that includes Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan, Michael Caine, Isla Fischer, and Morgan Freeman. Forget the critical response, that’s a great cast that has led both films to make over $330 million each worldwide. One wonders why a “fresh take” is necessary for a film about heist magicians?


It’s possible that most of that core cast is no longer interested in making another Now You See Me film. It’s likely that they weren’t originally signing on for a long-running franchise, so two films is enough. Lionsgate’s press release mentioned new characters, so expect some of that original cast to reprise their roles in small doses, while handing the baton to a newer – and cheaper – ensemble.


“The Now You See Me franchise has been built on keeping the audience surprised and guessing. Any great magician knows, you can’t keep doing the same tricks. And Eric and his team of illusionists have something special up their sleeve for this new film”, said Nathan Kahane, President of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group.


There’s currently no release date for the film, but with all the COVID-19 related delays, that isn’t a surprise as studios wait and see what post-coronavirus Hollywood looks like.



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