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It’s been 10 years since Evanescence released any original album, but they are back stronger than ever! Evanescence have finally unveiled their new album named The Bitter Truth.


We discovered the first pieces of this album with their first single “Wasted On You” in April 2020. Then the band shared other singles “The Game Is Over”, “Use My Voice”, “Yeah Right” and “Better Without You”.


In this album, the band leader, Amy Lee, conveys messages about motherhood and loss. She expresses in it, the changes that happened in her life in 10 years. She became a mother in 2014 and lost her younger brother in 2018. This record is a celebration of pain but most of all of the beauty of survival.


Despite some songs that look more like ballads like “Far From Heaven”, the whole album still shares a lot of emotions and energy, but the most important is probably the fact that the band can perfectly mix calm and heavy parts in a single song like in the first single “Wasted On You”.


We can also find songs with a political message like “Use My Voice”. This song talks about women’s conditions and rights. According to Amy Lee, it was written “to celebrate the power of speaking out in order to promote a more just world.


This song features backing vocals from Lzzy Hale from Halestorm, Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless, Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation, Lindsey Sterling, and Amy Lee’s friends and family members.


Of course, we noticed that the band’s sound matured within the years that have passed but their core sound, that is their signature, has remained relatively intact. And for the nostalgics, we can always find some resemblances with their hit singles of 2003.


Evanescence became an important band on the rock music scene in 2003 with their album Fallen, which features their most known singles “My Immortal” and “Bring Me To Life”.


This new record can be embraced by longtime fans, but the new generation of rock listeners will be happy to discover it with the band. Calm and heavier moments are mixed together perfectly. It feels good to hear Amy Lee’s voice along with the whole band on something new again.


Listen to The Bitter Truth below!




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