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Arkansas rock band Evanescence have announced a new five-volume graphic novel series titled Echoes From The Void, which will be based on themes from their songs. The series is being written by Carrie Lee South and Blake Northcott, and illustrated by Abigail Larson and Kelly McKernan.


The band haven’t released an album since 2011, but in a near horizon, they are going to release a new album titled The Bitter Truth next week Friday, March 26, with songs “Better Without You” and “Wasted On You” from the record serving as inspiration for the graphic novel series.


Each issue will be sold as a limited-edition comic books of only 3000 copies, with pre-orders for the first issue already available, to be shipped out in June at the price of $18.95.


Speaking about the graphic novel series and working with Incendium’s OPUS imprint, lead singer Amy Lee said, “Collaborating across art forms like this is so unique, and it’s been fascinating to see how many different lives a song can have, like alternate realities. I look forward to working on this throughout the year and am so honored to break open this new world for our music”.


Also talking about how the band have been working together through the pandemic, Lee added that that it gave the group extra time to focus and try to get motivated, saying “Even on the days that I don’t want to, I come out here and I go, let’s do this. Let’s finish the album”.



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