Evented Team Presents ‘The KLB Launch Party’ + Sample Sale – Sunday, November 20 | Event



The official launch party and exclusive sample sale for KLB is happening on Sunday, November 20 at Batterseas renowned Gallery On The Corner.


This launch party is the official party in which we celebrate the launch of the cosmetics website, products and everyone that made it possible in this insightful journey from conception to launch.


Highlights of the night include:


– An insightful mini makeup tutorial from our founder

– Endless canapé’s and food

– Glam bar for mini makeovers by makeup artists

– Live music on the night

– Photobooth

– Giveaways including a raffle for premium luxury hair extensions + a frontal and more!

– Goodie bags filled with gifts from our sponsors

– Chance to meet and network with bloggers, photographers and others in the industry (and various other industries that promote female empowerment)


Tickets are available here.



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