Experimental New York Artist J.See Releases New Track ‘RightOrWrong’

SOAR EYES Album Shoot J. See June 11, 2022 Also Appearing: Shanay Aliyah

J.See has electrified the music scene with his latest single, “RightOrWrong,” which was released on June 29, 2023. Known for his eclectic style, this New York City-based artist once again confirms his creative versatility with this fresh release, a stunning fusion of pop, club beats, and rap.

True to his ethos, J.See’s goal with “RightOrWrong” is simple and straightforward: he wants listeners to feel the rhythm and move. His masterful blending of genres comes to the fore in this single, with the kinetic energy of East Coast club beats, the irresistible hook of a pop chorus, and the powerful impact of rap verses all creating a unique auditory experience.

What sets “RightOrWrong” apart is J.See’s confident, braggadocious rap verse, complete with punch lines that are sure to earn respect from even the staunchest hip-hop purists.

As he navigates seamlessly through the distinct sections of the song, J.See showcases his knack for bending words into clever bars, filled with double entendres and inventive wordplay.

J.See, also known as “Seezy,” is an independent artist originally from Virginia and raised in the DMV area, a region that has produced successful artists such as Wale, Rico Nasty, and Goldlink.

His unique talent lies in his ability to merge genres, often blending rap with various other styles such as afrobeats, pop, R&B, and indie music.

Currently residing in Brooklyn, J.See continues to push the boundaries of his craft with his genre-bending approach. “RightOrWrong” is just the latest example of this artist’s determination to redefine the music landscape.

Listen to “RightOrWrong” below!


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