Los Angeles Artist SMILEZ Shares ‘2 Obsessed’ From New Album

Los Angeles-based artist SMILEZ has just released his new album, Ur in My World, on June 9, from which new track “2 Obsessed” can be found. The album is a unique blend of hip-hop and punk rock, demonstrating SMILEZ’s versatility and unique approach to music.

Apart from “2 Obsessed”, “Someday” on the album offers a memorable hook by sampling The Strokes, creating an ear-catching fusion of styles that truly sticks in your mind, while another standout track from the album is “Mentally I’m Somewhere Else,” an emotive piece about the psychological struggles of losing a loved one.

Elsewhere on the album, SMILEZ continues to blend genres with “Party Party Party,” a high-energy track that marries modern hip-hop production with the spirit of classic pop-punk.

SMILEZ’s vibrant, yellow presence and unique style have positioned him as a standout in the Los Angeles music scene. “I like to put my DNA into everything I do, which is why I produced my new album and directed all the music videos,” he says. As a true disruptor in the new rage space, SMILEZ’s sound is a unique blend of punk catharsis and hip-hop bravado.

Having opened for artists like Trippie Redd, Wiz Khalifa, and JuiceWRLD, SMILEZ’s momentum has been steadily building. In 2021, his single “HAPPY” hit #1 on the SoundCloud charts and amassed more than 7 million streams.

In 2022, SMILEZ released “Sit Back & Relax,” a deeply emotional track in honor of his late brother, serving as a poignant public service announcement regarding the fentanyl epidemic.

Starting 2023 with an ‘Open Mic’ performance on Genius, SMILEZ continues to break boundaries and make his mark on the music industry. His new album Ur in My World promises to further showcase his diverse musical talents and continue his rising trajectory in the music scene.

Listen to “2 Obsessed” below!


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