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So, Jared Leto has spent years showing us that he is versatile (and doing a really good job of it) – but are we ready for him as a new Joker? With the likes of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger to compete with, do we have a place in our minds to picture someone else in such an iconic role? Well, the trailer is here and by the looks of it, Suicide Squad is set to dazzle us.


Like Tim Burton’s Batman, the film keeps the comic style elements you would expect to see from a film based on a D.C Comic – stylish, dark and artistic, and director David Ayer has by all accounts been “faithful to the material“. Leto’s brief appearance in the trailer is both mesmerizing and haunting; those tattoos, those teeth and those eyes – the perfect amount of surreal and crazy.


Although the release date isn’t until 2016, Suicide Squad is set to be a big hit already. It will blur the line between good and evil – I mean the baddies will be fighting the baddies for the goodies; confusing in the best kind of way. If the trailer is anything to go by, Leto’s manic portrayal of The Joker, along with the glitzy costumes and topless scenes, will show a side to the character we haven’t seen before… Unfortunately, we will have to wait a whole year for it!



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