Michael Sheen To Voice ‘Passengers’ Robot | Film News


By now you’ve probably heard about the new film Passengers which will star Jennifer Lawrence, who is set to earn $20 million, a wopping $8 million more than her co-Star Chris Pratt. Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex) has been drawn into the fold, and is set to voice a robot in the Sony sci-fi romance.


Set on a spacecraft in the future, the film will follow the interstellar love story of Lawrence and Pratt’s characters. Journeying to a distant new planet, thousands of people are on the craft and in a cryogenic sleep, unfortunately for Pratt, he wakes up 90 years before everyone else, and for some reason can’t seem to get back to sleep. So of course what does he do?


He wakes up Lawrence’s character and subjects her to the same fate as him, Why? because he doesn’t want to be alone, what a gentlemen. This gentlemanly act sets up the beginning of what is set to be an epic love story. Unfortunately an exact release date for the film hasn’t yet been released, but Passengers is set to drop sometime in 2016, so only a year or so to wait.



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