‘Fantastic Four’ (2015): ‘The Thing’ Ditches Plastic Cosmetics For CGI | Film News


After the mistakes made in the previous Fantastic Four films the new upcoming Fantastic Four (2015) have successfully made The Thing computer generated. In the previous Fantastic Four films, Michael Chiklis played The Thing with plastic cosmetics which often looked tacky and ridiculous especially in the age of special effects, it seemed like an idea straight out of the 1950s and did not reflect the developments of technology that are currently existing in modern cinema.


The new film has incorporated all the features and characteristics that you expect of The Thing into a visual effects phenomenon. The new CGI version of The Thing will not be as character driven as the original and will definetly lack the personality and familiarity that Chiklis provided in the previous Fantastic Four movies. However the new Fantastic Four (2015) have invested more of its own production money on priotising spectacle and flamboyance as the most important feature for this new film rather than on performance. For many Fantastic Four fans, the opportunity to witness The Thing in all his might and glory especially in 3D will be an experience they will never forget for the rest of their cinematic endeavours.



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