Has J.J Abrams ‘Star Trek’ Reboot Helped Revitalize An Ageing Franchise? | Film News


With the release of Star Trek Beyond, the third instalment of J.J Abrams’s reboot of this iconic franchise coming soon, the key question that every trekkie wants to ask is “was it all worth it?“. This question is very complex to understand, for example with many different fans of Star Trek, the answer continues to vary from person to person. However the main resounding theme that all Trek fans are concerned about is whether the Abrams reboot has really made in impact on the Star Trek universe and whether it is good enough to compare these series of films to the original classics.


With the release of the first film Star Trek (2009), the standards were set high with an action packed film that delivered on many different levels such as narrative, performance and great visual effects. However the sequel that proceeded after the first film which was Star Trek Into Darkness did not exceed expectations and was unable to replicate the same excitement that Trek fans have experienced before in the past. This then leaves Trekkies in an conundrum without having a guaranteed result whether the third film will be an instant commercial success or not.


Truth to be told the Abrams’ Star Trek trilogy is heavily reliant on making sure that Star Trek Beyond becomes a commercial hit in order to help secure the status as well as prolong the continued success of the Star Trek brand. If Star Trek Beyond does not deliver commercial/critical success, then the brand could most likely deteriorate and lose influence over a younger generation of cinema goers while rival franchises likes Star Wars could take advantage of this situation for their own gain.



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