‘Fargo’ Showrunner To Develop ‘Doctor Doom’ Movie For 20th Century Fox | Film News


The Fantastic Four haven’t had much luck with any of their cinematic adaptations, so 20th Century Fox have decided to go in a totally different direction instead. They’re developing a Doctor Doom movie, with Fargo and Legion showrunner Noah Hawley developing it.


Doctor Doom is the most famous of all Fantastic Four villains, though the 21st century films have watered him down to a generic antagonist. Fox is backing Hawley to bring to life what is a fascinating character in the comics, in the hope of finally making a memorable film that can be associated with the Fantastic Four.


Hawley is reportedly writing the script with an eye to direct the film as well, and considering the success Fargo has had and the visionary intrigue of Legion, this looks to be a great choice.


Fox, for their part, seems to be embracing their role in the current superhero boom as purveyors of unusual superhero movies. First came the unconventional humour of Deadpool, before the hard violence of Logan, with New Mutants still to come, which should conflate the superhero genre with horror.


Forging ahead with Doctor Doom sans the Fantastic Four is another unconventional but refreshing move from the studio who, following the surprise success of Deadpool, seems far more willing to take risks amid a market where safe, predictable storytelling is mostly the norm.



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