Fashion Law Institute And Diane Von Furstenberg Announce First Fashion Law Degree | Fashion News


Fordham University’s Fashion Law Institute director, Susan Scafidi, is launching two academic degree programs in fashion law along with Diane von Furstenberg and Fordham Provost Stephen Feedman. There’s also the Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) for non-lawyers who want to learn about laws appropriate to fashion and retail. The factor here is that only law students/potentially lawyers know everything about law, and this degrees could help fashion professionals to know where you are standing and how to make better decisions and business involvements.


In a conference this Monday, von Furstenberg talked about the importance of understanding law, particulary for designers. “Why would they hire someone other than people who know the field, as opposed to having to learn it on the job?“, Scafidi shared, after talking about how in New York, law firms have specific departments for fashion, luxury and retail. Hmm… Fashion Lawyer, let’s talk about that.



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