‘Fathers And Daughters’ – Russell Crowe Delivers Fantastic Performance | Film Review



Fathers And Daughters is a 2015 drama starring Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul as the main characters. It is centered on the special relationship between Jake Davis (Crowe) who is a Pulitzer-winning writer, and his daughter, Katie (Seyfried). Jake is a widower, he has to battle mental breakdowns and does everything for his beloved Katie. Russell Crowe reconfirms how great of an actor he is, with a touching performance that made my eyes tear at some points while watching this movie.


I think Russell Crowe was perfect for the role of Jake Davis and was impressed with his acting, especially in the scenes where he confronts his relatives, who propose to adopt Katie. There is a specific line said by Crowe’s character to his daughter that got stuck in my head: “We live in the United States of Money”. Amanda Seyfried did an amazing job as Katie Davis, a woman with a troubled childhood, who now helps other people face their demons. She learns to love again with the help of Cameron, played by Aaron Paul (what a change from the role he played in Breaking Bad). Fathers And Daughters is out in cinemas now.




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