Felicity Jones Cast As Lead In Stand Alone ‘Star Wars’ Movie | Film News


Still buzzing off her Oscar Award nomination for The Theory Of Everything, starlet Felicity Jones has another reason to celebrate as she bags the female lead in Gareth Edward‘s stand alone Star Wars movie. With J.J. Abrams‘ epic Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hitting theatres in December this year, we’re likely to hear more casting news about Edward’s spin-off project closer to this summer but bagging Jones is a huge early surprise!


There is no solid news about what plot the new movie will focus on but with the hype around Jones being pretty serious right now, it’s easy to imagine she’ll be central to the story line. I’m a fan of Felicity Jones and with her recent knock-out performances, it’s easy to see her in a huge franchise like this. With this news, I’m hoping we’re going to get a female driven storyline from Edward, I think it would be interesting to see some female characters that go beyond Princess Leia.


While things are still pretty hush hush about the spin-off, all we have, for now, is speculation and some have been throwing around the idea that Jones will play an already existing character in the extended Star Wars franchise. Either way, Jones has bagged herself a serious role in this one! The new Star Wars spin-off hits theatres in December, 2016.


Source: Variety (via Joblo)



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