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Fil Bo Riva 03.08.2016ANDREW


Fil Bo Riva, has announced his debut EP, titled If You’re Right, It’s Alright, will be released Friday, September 23 through PIAS. This is available for pre-order, here. There is also set to be tour dates in accompaniment, too. The dates for these and the EP’s tracklisting are at the bottom, as this is predominantly about the new music video for “Like Eye Did”.


“Like Eye Did”, opens earnest in guitar, deep and gutsy in vocals. Then the drums and bass hammer in, almost with a real swing to it. This dissipates back into the acoustic part that opened the track. It is crafted very well, the ensemble performance overall lending to some excellent dynamics. The closing moments also strip everything back, very tender.


The visuals are shot in black and white, though that arguably does not change how striking they are. It seems to syncopate with the music, getting very animated in the busy sequences with the hammering drums and bass. That does not stop the visuals being at least a little weird and curious in the mellower parts.



Upcoming Shows
05.08. – Parklichter Festival, Germany
07.08. – Sound of the Forest Festival, Germany
17.08. – London, [PIAS] Nites, UK
19.08. – Hamburg, MS Dockville Festival, Germany
20.08. – Winterthurer Musikfestspielwochen, Switzerland
25.08. – Cologne, c/o Pop Festival, Germany
02.09. – Milano, Unaltro Festival, Italy
04.09. – Berlin, Melodica Festival, Germany
21.09. – Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival, Germany
22.09. – Berlin, Mahogany Sessions Festival, Germany


If You’re Right, It’s Alright EP Tracklisting
1. Like Eye Did
2. Franzis
3. Greeningless
4. Killer Queen
5. The Falling



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