Film4 ‘FrightFest Halloween All-Nighter 2014’ Line-Up Announced | Film News


Thing are getting spooky over at Film4 as they prepare for a night of terror with their FrightFest movie lineup! Their infamous night of horrifying visual delights kicks off on Halloween night at London’s Prince Charles Cinema, and this year is set to be the most traumatizing evening yet. Feeling brave? Take a look at the line up.


Things couldn’t possibly kick off in day light so the first film on show starts at 9pm with Colin Minihan’s Extraterrestrial, where a group of young friends find themselves being terrorized by alien visitors when they visit a deserted woodland cabin. Nothing like a bit of U.F.O action to start your night of excruciating fear. Next up at 11:40pm is The ABC’s of Death. Sounding cheery as ever, this movie is directed by a collection of nightmare inducing masterminds including Kaare Andrews and Angela Bettis.


Following that, at 2:15am you bear witness to Anthony DiBlasi’s Last Shift, in which a newbie cop gets up close and personal with Paymon, The King of Hell, a cult leader who took his own life in that very station. Still wanting more? The penultimate film to run at 4:30am is The Pact 2, a horrifying story from Dallas Richard Hallam and Patrick Horvath plagued by nightmares about a serial killer that bear a shocking resemblance to real life.


The fifth and final film of FrightFest is The Editor. Showing at 6:15am, this movie is a shocking and brutal end to such a fearful night, brought to you by Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy. Think you’re up to this stomach churning FrightFest? Event tickets go for £40 and are on sale now. You can either book online, call PCC on 0207 494 3694 or purchase at the cinema itself. For any further information for other regional screenings, head to the Film4 FrightFest Website.



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