‘Finding Carter’ Season 1, Episode 11 – The Long Goodbye | TV Review


In this episode of Finding Carter starring British actress Kathryn Prescott as the main lead Carter, everything is hanging by a thread literally. With Max’s (Alex Saxon) life still on the line, and his murderer still on the loose as fugitive, Carter’s world seems to be crashing down around her. She is being flung between two poles, what should she do? Support her innocent and oldest best friend who is on his death bed or her misunderstood Boyfriend Crash (Caleb Ruminer) who has no one but her to turn to for help.


The episode starts where it left off with both Carter and Taylor (Anna Jacob-Heron) being summoned to the Doctors office on news of Max. As they both go in showering questions about Max and his recovery, only to receive news which is neither bad nor good. Max is unresponsive in a coma leaving the promise of a healthy recovery all on his fate. Carter being unable to handle the news that her best friend could die, cannot accept it.


Instead of complying with the doctors orders to not disturb Max, she argues otherwise after much persuasion he allows only one patient to go in, and without a hitch, she rushes in much to the disapproval of Carters fraternal twin Taylor and Max’s girlfriend. Carter sit by Max’s bed and promises him that she will make things right. The scene then moves to Elizabeth (Cynthia Watros) at the station requesting to rejoin the case and in tracking down Crash.


Back at the Wilson’s home, things are tense as a silence looms over everyone due to the fragile state of Max’s health, with Grant (Zac Pullam) choosing to hide away and distance himself further from his family, even Carter. Whilst David (Alexis Dennisof) promises Carter he will make amends with her and the family and deciding to leave writing and take up a teaching job, we see him later on try and comfort Grant by playing video games with him to make up for Max‘s absence. We also see the return of Carter’s friends and former best friend – Bird (Vanessa Morgan) aka ‘the friend that lied and framed Carter and sent her to prison’. So understandably Carter is still miffed at her and doesn’t want to talk to her until she drops by unannounced to share the news that Cash wants to talk to her.


Throughout the episode, we see the back and forth between Crash and Carter, and her struggle to do the right thing by him as she still tries to persuade everyone it was not his fault, because as she later admits she was blinded by his love. Whilst on the other hand, Taylor talks to Max in his unconscious state, only being startled by the entry of Max’s mother Karen who seems very aloof by the whole situation, her first question being ‘where is Carter?’, as she completely adore Carter and doesn’t blame her for anything, just to add to the resentment and jealousy of Taylor.


The scenes between the sisters build up as they consistently butt heads until they come to another heated confrontation, between Carter and Taylor in the cafeteria, with Carter telling Taylor to stop being jealous, and Taylor telling Carter that she’s a mess. Whilst Crash eventually persuades Carter to meet him for the last time before he flees, where they both express their love for each other and Crash confesses that he has impulses that cause him to act out and that he may have actually wanted to shoot Max. Carter refuses to accept that Crash is the bad guy and tells him so, only for Elizabeth to turn up and handcuff Crash and take him away. As Crash looks towards Carter with a smile and Carter calls out to him, we all find that this was all a set up by Carter to catch Crash in an unexpected turn of events.


This episode shows the cracks in Carters feelings and her different dimensions with her whole family. After the incident, she wants to help everyone, she wants everything to be pieced together, but comes to the harsh realization that as much as she tries to stand by everyone and see the best in them, she cannot help everybody. The most awaited scene of the whole episode and entire season came at the end, when Carter accepted Elizabeth as her mom and said she wanted her mom to protect her and she loved her causing Elizabeth to smile with tears, and the mother-daughter to share an overdue embrace. Even Carter and Taylor make up with each other, and just as soon as they hug, we see Max’s eyes flutter open.


Is this a good sign? Is Max back? Will the Wilson family be ok now? With the promo of next week’s finale out, it looks like we have a lot more secrets in the closet that are to be revealed even to the viewers, and Lori’s return as she makes it clear that she wants Carter back. The biggest question is will Carter choose the family she just found, or return to a familiar place and person that she knew once as her own family. To find out what happens next on Finding Carter, watch the season finale next week on MTV at Wednesday at 9pm.



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