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With nearly a million streams under his belt for its two lead singles “Say That” and “Lose It All? (What If)”, and top 25 spots on both Spotify’s Global Viral Chart and USA Viral Chart along the way, as well as previous support from Dancing Astronaut, Good Music All Day, YourEDM and Hype Machine, among others, fast-rising genre-bending Swedish artist, producer and musician Finis Mundi is proud to unveil his highly anticipated debut album titled EVERYTHING AFTER.


EVERYTHING AFTER sees Finis Mundi collaborating with new artists from across the world, including German artist and songwriter Novaa, who has racked over 12 million streams on Spotify, and Australian artist Akacia, who has been backed by triple j, Complex and Majestic Casual, with over 10 million streams under her belt. American native Lilianna Wilde, and UK artist Island Fox also contribute, to give the album a truly global flavor.


Thematically, the album explores the different stages that we have all experienced in a doomed love story, from the initial falling in love moment, to the sometimes false sense of confidence in the relationship, down to the inevitable breakup and ensuing loneliness, every emotion is perfectly expressed and conveyed on this record by Finis Mundi and his carefully handpicked collaborations.


The record kicks into gear with the hugely popular fan-favourite “Say That” featuring Novaa, and the infectious bass heavy piano-driven ‘Money’ featuring Lilianna Wilde, about meeting someone that’s just too good to be true, before transitioning into the slow-building tropical-esque Akacia collaboration “Away”, and the album’s second single “Lose It All? (What If)”, to the fitting curtain closer “Loveless” featuring Island Fox, which rounds up the album perfectly.




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