Finnish-American Artist Joakim Daal Release New Track ‘Shelter’

Helsinki based Finnish-American Joakim Daal has just released his debut song “Shelter”. The artist combines genres such as 2020s art pop, folk indie, 60s cool jazz with a poetic and cinematic touch that leaves the listener in a soft embrace. His soft singing voice is the perfect complement to his work and leaves a warm feeling that you don’t want to get rid of.

The song “Shelter” was written, produced and recorded by Joakim Daal himself and it was mixed by Jarno Takkumaki and mastered by Grammy Award winning Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone. It also counted with the collaboration of The Holy band’s Eero Jaaskelainen on the drums and the touch of the saxophonist Jussi Hurskainen.

Shelter explores the confines of the intimate, sometimes difficult yet expansive world that two people can create with the passing of enough time – where alternately the smallest aggravations can snowball into a barely contained torrent while the most tectonic shifts and difficult events that test the foundations, ultimately solidify this world and perhaps even dissipate”, comments Daal about his debut single.

The artist grew up in the suburbs of New York with his Finnish parents and he studied jazz and classical music throughout his youth. But it wasn’t until he moved to Montreal in the early 2010’s that he began to even consider creating music of his own.

He became acquainted with the approaches of various artists and their own approach to making music and he started playing with his creativity and experimenting with aesthetics. And it all came to his brand new debut single “Shelter” that you can listen to below.


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