First Trailer For Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Remake Revealed | Film Trailer


Finally, after much anticipation and skepticism, there is a trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot, directed by Josh Trank. This new Marvel flick tells the famous story of four young scientists who achieve superhero powers after a disastrous experiment. Starring Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm and Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, the new trailer gives us the first glimpse of a Fantastic Four adventure, taking over from Tim Story‘s less than impressive go, back in 2005.


While the trailer doesn’t blow me away, like even a little bit, it’s not as bad as some die hard fans have been making it out to be. The casting for this movie is not the problem, I’m a big fan of Teller, with his amazing performance in Whiplash proving his acting chops, while the others all have stellar performances in their filmography. Josh Trank is trying but it’s going to take some seriously tense follow up trailers to get me rushing to the cinema for this flick. This one is, dare I say, boring. Still, I don’t doubt that it will find its audience and will hold a passionate fan base. What do you guys think, are you a fan of the new The Fantastic Four?





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