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Last night, Los Angeles was host to the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A legion of A-list celebrities, journalists, cast members and anyone who’s anyone descended upon Mann’s Chinese Theatre full of Star Wars spirit; some even decided to dress up (Joseph Gordon-Levitt had dibs on Yoda). Those gathered were the first people to see the film (damn them) and although there is an embargo on reviews until December 16, you can never keep a celebrity away from their Twitter page for long.


Twitter wash awash with celebrity tweets about The Force AwakensBrett Morgan, the director of Montage of Heck, named it “the best blockbuster since the original“; Glenn Whipp of the LA Times claimed “This is the Star Wars movie you’re looking for.“; and Rainn Wilson of the U.S. The Office added “It was epic, awesome and perfect. The cast was stellar. J.J. killed it!” The response to The Force Awakens has been hugely positive thus far, only a small number have been unimpressed; Devin Faraci claimed it was “ok“.


To reiterate, reviews will be appearing December 16, but we could always follow Brett Morgan’s advice: “DO NOT READ ANY REVIEWS. Experience it fresh.” Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released in the U.K. December 17 and North America December 18.



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