Watch Trailer For ‘Racing Extinction’ | Film Trailer



Racing Extinction seems like the most exciting documentary ever. The 90 minutes film has received 4 nominations at different film festivals, including Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. According to IMDB, critics have received this documentary very well, giving it a metascore of 81 (based on 5 critic reviews).


A synopsis for Racing Extinction reads: “Director Louie Psihoyos and the Oceanic Preservation Society go on the most high-tech, undercover operation ever for an inside look at the hidden world of endangered species and a detailed analysis of the astronomical industrial growth which is changing the chemistry of the entire planet.


Using hidden cameras and numerous high tech tactics to infiltrate the world’s most dangerous black markets to document the link between carbon emissions and species extinction, the documentary reveals stunning, never-before seen images that truly change the way we see the world“. Watch below the trailer for Racing Extinction.




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