First Look At Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson As ‘Hercules’ | Film News

Dwayne Johnson stars in pictures from ‘Hercules’ set


Dwayne Johnson portrays Hercules in new pictures taken from the film set. The action star will play the Greek legend in the film set to premiere in the UK on August 8, 2014. The film will also feature actors John Hurt, Ian McShane and Joseph Fiennes and is being directed by Brett Ratner.


A new angle is taken on the classic story for this new film which shows Hercules past his prime years. He is now a King with a grown-up daughter and is using his famous past to get hired as a mercenary. At the same time he and his daughter are both being harassed by a war Lord. Hercules is a lot more mature, reflecting on his wilder days and mistakes made which he is not proud of and trying to correct.




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