Ricky Gervais Reveals Plans To Revive David Brent From ‘The Office’ | TV News

Ricky Gervais announces he plans to bring back David Brent from ‘The Office’


Comedian, actor and screenwriter Ricky Gervais now plans to bring back TV character David Brent, who he created for his docu-type TV show The Office. Gervais, the creator of The Office series, revealed that he wants to take Brent out of the office and instead show him travelling on the road with his band.


David Brent will reportedly make a documentary on his band called Foregone Conclusion touring their music. Last year, Gervais’s fictional character David Brent performed with his band at the Hammersmith Apollo and the Oxford New Theatre. Before his flourishing music career, Brent worked at paper company Wernham-Hogg in Slough as the manager and his band hosted their first set of shows in 2013. While fans wait for the mock-umentary, Gervais will take the popular character’s band on tour in May 2014 with the choice of HBO, BBC and Netflix to broadcast the concert.



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