First Trailer For Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Suspiria’ Horror Remake Cannot Be Unseen | Film Trailer


Amazon Studios have revealed the first trailer for Luca Guadagnino‘s upcoming remake of Suspiria, the Dario Argento‘s 1977 giallo often regarded as one of the most influential horror classics in film history.


Although Guadagnino’s Suspiria will also focus on a young dancer who discovers her prestigious ballet academy is a front for a supernatural conspiracy, the Call Me By Your Name director has consciously distanced his version from the original, comparing his work to a restaging of Hamlet.


The new teaser trailer provides a first sample of Guadagnino’s take on the Italian psycho-thriller, which reunites the director with his A Bigger Splash stars Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson — who has reportedly been in ballet training for the role since 2015.



Other cast members include Chloe Grace Moretz, and the female lead of the original film, Jessica Harper, whose excitement for the forthcoming remake is contagious: “I have seen this movie – the most brilliantly scary film I have ever seen… Luca’s Call Me By Your Name does not prepare you for it, but throws into relief the director’s brilliance and versatility“.


The horror film promises some scary scenes indeed, so much so that the press screaning grossed out audiences at CinemaCon…



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