First Look For The Last Season Of ‘The Originals’ Revealed | TV Trailer


In less than a month, the last season of The Originals will hit the screens. Besides the trailer that aired at the ComicCon last year, it was pretty quiet around this season. Now The CW has given the fans a really short view on what to expect from the last season.


After the dramatic season 4 finale where the Mikaelson family was forced apart, it seems like that won’t stay that way forever – what a surprise. But it seems like time has passed as Hope, the daughter of Hayley and Klaus, is now a teenager and not longer a child as in season 4. It also appears that the time at the Salvatore boarding school has done her abilities a favor – she looks fierce!



But there are a few people missing in the trailer that have been announced to have a part in the last season like Danielle Campbell (Davina) and Candice King (Caroline). A fact that wasn’t taken in by the fans so well. Now they have to wait for April 20 to hopefully get the first look at these ones. That’s when the last season will air on The CW.



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