First Trailer For Creepy Thriller ‘The Snowman’ | Film Trailer


Universal has released the first trailer for icy serial killer thriller The Snowman, based on the bestselling novel by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. The film follows Michael Fassbender‘s detective, Harry Hole, as he investigates a disappearance that may be connected to a man who dubs himself The Snowman Killer.


The film is from Tomas Alfredson (Let The Right One In, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), and judging by the trailer, seems to take aspects from both of his previous films and loop them into one dark, psychological thriller.


Hopefully, despite the possible snickering at a film attempting to make a snowman scary, Alfredson can create an interesting spin on the detective genre much like he was able to subvert expectations in his two prior films. The trailer below leans towards the more generic plot beats, but Alfredson should have some tricks up his sleeve for the full film.


Starring alongside Fassbender are Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Val Kilmer and J.K. Simmons in one of the more well rounded casts of the year.


The Snowman arrives in cinemas Friday, October 20.



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