First Trailer For Drake-Produced ‘Top Boy’ Season 3 Is Finally Out | TV Series


It’s official, the third season of British TV drama Top Boy is coming, as Drake shocked fans at his concert last night in London by playing the trailer for the new series. The show will be coming back for a third season, it will air on Netflix.


The “God’s Plan” artist debuted a minute-long trailer which hints at the return of fan favourites including rapper Ashley Walters, who plays drug dealer Dushane, Kano as Sully and “Funky Friday” rapper Dave. The show was initially thought to have concluded in 2013.


Drake has always been a fan of the Channel 4 show that was cancelled back in 2013. So much so, he bought the rights to it in 2016. The TV crime drama was popular during its first two seasons, but didn’t get renewed for a third season. That’s when Drake offered to pay for the production of it himself.


Drake hinted that he is heavily involved in the show after he shared a snap of the “team that made it happen” alongside a handful of the cast members and creatives back in 2017.


The narrative is set to follow Sully — who has just been released from jail — linking up with Dushane as the pair come up against a new gang leader called Jamie (Michael Ward), who’s looking to usurp their turf on the London drug market.


Walters described Top Boy as “a raw, real representation of street culture. It explores how these characters came to make the choices they make, and gives the audience a behind-the-scenes look as to what is happening on our streets today.


No specific release date for Top Boy has been announced as of yet. in the meantime enjoy the trailer below.




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