First Trailer For Ensemble Comedy ‘I Do…Until I Don’t’ | Film Trailer


It seems Lake Bell can only direct films with an ellipsis in the title. Following her acclaimed indie debut In A World…, the first trailer for her sophomore effort has arrived.


Titled I Do…Until I Don’t, the comedy follows a set of couples who must grapple with the ever-changing, modern concept of what marriage truly is. Bell and Ed Helms star as a couple whose sex life isn’t connecting like it used to, who are introduced to a hippie, free spirit couple played by Amber Heard and Wyatt Cenec.


Meanwhile, Mary Steenburgen and Paul Reiser begin to drift apart and fill the silence with endless bickering. Connecting the three couples is a filmmaker attempting to prove that marriage is an antiquated proposal and should be considered dead.



Bell’s debut was comedic with a tangible dramatic weight, and while the trailer above perhaps indicates that this is more of a straight forward comedy, the cast is excellent and hopefully Bell can continue working her way up the director hierarchy with another enjoyable release.


I Do…Until I Don’t hits cinemas Friday, September 1.



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