First Trailer For Netflix’s Stephen King Adaptation, ‘1922’ | Film Trailer


It’s seemingly the year of the Stephen King adaptation. Following the disappointment of The Dark Tower and the huge success of It, Netflix has now joined the fun by releasing the first trailer for another King adaptation, 1922.


The film is based on the novella of the same name by King, and follows a rancher who conspires to murder his wife for financial gain. However, as King stories are wont to do, things get dicey when a supernatural presence arrives.



The trailer above is a heavy dose of creepy, with plenty of rats swarming around to add to the already dark tone and weird supernatural goings on. The film is directed by Zak Hilditch (These Final Hours, Transmission) and stars Thomas Jane, Molly Parker, and Neal McDonough.


As with any King adaptation, it’s fair to wonder if this will eventually reside in the positive pile among the classic adaptations or end up hugely disappointing and sit alongside Thinner, Dreamcatcher, and the like. Judging by the trailer this looks to have plenty of potential and should be a timely release for Netflix around Halloween.


1922 premieres on all Netflix territories on Friday, October 20.



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