First Trailer For Netflix’s Sundance-Winning Documentary ‘Chasing Coral’ | Film Trailer


From the streaming service that has brought us riveting dramas revolving around politics, monsters, prison systems and superheroes comes a documentary about…coral reefs?


Yup. No one can claim Netflix isn’t giving us a diverse collections of shows and movies. The trailer has arrived for Chasing Coral, a documentary that won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, which revolves around a group of scientists attempting to keep dying coral reefs alive. Not sold? Watch the trailer below:



Netflix are always adept at hyping their content well and creating intriguing trailers. While a focus on coral reefs isn’t usually going to make the average subscriber tell all their friends to sign up, these kind of documentaries are often far more interesting than they originally seem.


Looking like a mix of Blackfish and The Cove, two other sea-based documentaries that ended up being far better than perhaps their original premise signalled, Chasing Coral has a chance to join them as one of those surprisingly riveting documentaries for when you’re in the mood to learn more about the world.


Plus, with Netflix’s sole Oscar thus far coming from a short documentary, it’s no surprise to see them head back to the genre perhaps in an attempt to secure another one.


Chasing Coral arrives on Netflix Friday, July 14.



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