First Trailer Released For Dark Comedy ‘The Happytime Murders’ | Film Trailer


We have been treated to the first trailer for the R-rated dark comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and…various puppets, The Happytime Murders, and it’s possible no one will ever see Sesame Street or any other wholesome puppetry the same way ever again. However, if you’ve been longing for violent puppet murder and puppet prostitutes, then this is a great time to be a movie lover.


Set in a universe where humans and puppets co-exist, The Happytime Murders stars McCarthy as a detective who heads to the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles after reports of a string of brutal puppet murders targeting the former stars of a classic children’s TV show. The red band trailer is below:



The studio behind the film is the Jim Henson Company, famous for all the Muppet movies, which makes the raunchiness and adult humour feel even more surreal.


As with all comedy trailers, it’s hard to judge from out-of-context clips whether the film will actually be genuinely funny or not, but having McCarthy on board is a plus, as her comedy experience should mean this should contain at least a few good laughs. We’ll wait and see if this launches the Hollywood careers of any of the puppets.


The film is directed by Brian Henson, puppeteer and head of the Jim Henson Company, and also stars Maya Rudolph, Elizabeth Banks and Joel McHale. It hits cinemas Friday, August 17.



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