FKA Twigs’ Glorious Interview With Tom Lamont For The Observer | Interviews


FKA Twigs recently had a gig in New York city, where she caught up with Tom Lamont from the Observer for an interesting interview. They both caught up in a famous yellow cab and drove through the city. Lamont begins by asking FKA Twigs why all the white for her stage outfit for the concert, as she was preparing it on her iPhone for the gig ahead. She replies jokingly, “it’s my dedication to paganism”. The interview throughout between both is amicable and sweet, and a real joy to read, and if you haven’t yet, you’re sure to find FKA Twigs a real inspiration.


The interview takes place inside a trendy New York diner, where they joke about the trendy food they are having. This is the best and most exposing part of the interview, where tears are shed, as the artist shares a moving story about her childhood, while discussing the progression of her rise to fame – saying on one block she’s unknown and on the next very well known, and that these blocks are only one, or two apart. How acute an observation can you get? Enjoy this ace interview with the mysterious, self-created enigma that is FKA Twigs here.



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