Florida Artist Taylor Ravenna Drops Her Latest Single ‘Royalty’

Florida-born artist Taylor Ravenna has shared her single “Royalty” featuring Harrisun.

Fresh off of a run of performances at SXSW, Taylor Ravenna plans to release a new EP called grlfck. Her first single “Royalty” is a reflection of Taylor Ravenna reclaiming her power in a very trivial time and was produced by frequent collaborator and best friend, Harrisun.

The project is a real-time look at the destructive tendencies of a 26-year-old alcoholic dealing with her sexuality, inauthentic friendships, and her father’s death. Taylor now looks back on the music she created during grlfuck as a timestamp in her development as an artist and a person, one year sober.

The Florida town of Palm Bay is where Taylor Ravenna was born and raised. She has always been drawn to dancing and music and is a natural performer. The arts quickly became her escape because she was raised in a broken home. She could express herself through it and get away from the issues going on in her life.

As soon as she received her degree from college, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. There, she gave live performances at venues like the House of Blues, SXSW, and Das Energi, among others, worked with many other musicians like Stephen, Heyz, and Barren Gates, and co-wrote her debut EP, Livermore Terrace, with Harrisun and Ghost Affair.

Listen to Taylor Ravenna’s new single “Royalty” featuring Harrisun below.


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