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Yannis Philippakis


On November 7, Foals front-man Yannis Philippakis tweeted: “Be good to each other in the pits. No place for shady macho behaviour towards the sisters!” It’s not hard to imagine what he meant, but he elaborated in a recent interview with DIY.


Philippakis reiterates more than once that it’s not an issue of stopping energetic crowds altogether: “I think that the beauty of a live rock show is the crowd feeling like it can be ecstatic, and at times that’s to do with moshing, [circle pits and crowdsurfing]. I’m all for that, but there just needs to be a balance between that and people just looking out for each other and not allowing jerk-off behaviour going on”.


As the singer also mentions, it’s easy to get involved in something that you want no part of, especially if everyone around you is pushing so that you can’t move. In a 2014 radio interview with Hot 97, Iggy Azalea said that she had to stop crowdsurfing and start layering her clothes because people would grope her in the crowd. It’s a widespread issue that needs more attention, and musicians speaking out about it is certainly a step in the right direction.



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