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The maker of some of our most loved anthems has returns and blessed us with his new album, X Colour. I’ve been following Redlight‘s music since I became obsessed with “Lost In Your Love” back in 2012. Having taken the time to listen to his new project I would say there is a different feel to his past work, this isn’t a bad thing. The first few tracks lack diverse lyrics – the same verses are repeated over and over.


I can tell this backs up and defines his genre and style but I found it became actually quite…boring. The beat and feel of the songs make up for the tiny emotion of disappointment I was feeling, but WAIT something is glistening in the distance? What can it be? An amazing, lyric full, banger of a song? Yes! Redlight’s song “Shine” took me by surprise and I instantly fell in love.


Jam packed with elements that make me want to get out of my room and dance down the street. It has quite a summer vibe to it, surprisingly, even though it’s been released in the gusty month on November. Check it out for yourself and see what songs you like. Available on Spotify and iTunes now.



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