Folk Pop Artist Hayley Reardon Unveils New Single ‘Awake In Berlin’

Critically acclaimed folk pop artist and storyteller Hayley Reardon returns to Conversations with her brand new single titled “Awake In Berlin“, which is taken from her upcoming EP In The Good Light that arrives in April.

The new single comes on the back of her last offering “Losing From Within” and was recorded in Barcelona, along with the rest of her upcoming EP. The project saw Reardon collaborating with Catalan guitarist Pau Figueres and audio engineer Aniol Bestit Collellmir at The Sound of Wood Studio.

Hayley Reardon left the US five years ago to tour the world with her music, and has made stops in places like Dachau in Germany, where she spent six months in an artist residency, and of course Barcelona in Spain, where she recorded her upcoming EP.

In her own words, her songs “serve as postcards from an artist brave enough to take the road less traveled“. Having spent the past 5 years carrying her songs and guitar all around the world, she has been gathering experiences, inspirations, and soulful connections along the way that show up in the colourful stories in her music.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Awake In Berlin”, Hayley Reardon says, “I wrote ‘Awake In Berlin’ about letting go of an old love and an old life while I was halfway across the globe trying to forge a new one. I didn’t play this song for a long time because of how personal it felt, and I cried like a baby when we cut the final vocal“.

As for what to expect on her upcoming EP and what it meant to record it in Spain, she adds that, “It was amazing to travel across the world and work with people who were essentially strangers from an entirely different culture […] and feel so deeply and effortlessly understood by them”.

Watch the video for “Awake In Berlin” below:


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