Indie Rock Band Eldridge Rodriguez Offer New Track ‘Have I Gone Too Far’

Have I Gone Too Far” is the brand new single from indie rock band Eldridge Rodriguez, which is out now via Midriff Records. The single is being released as a double a-side along with another single titled “All My Favorite Clowns Are Dead”

Written in May 2020, “Have I Gone Too Far” has been described as a moody post-punk track that is broadly political and decidedly intimate. The song tries to capture the day to day isolation, monotony and depression that went along with quarantining during the hight of the pandemic.

Eldridge Rodriguez released their eight album Slightest Of Treason in February 2020, just before the world went into lockdown, and their plans to support the record with live performances and radio tours across the country went up in smoke. The album effectively got lost in the chaos of those early months of the pandemic.

In the middle of the pandemic, the band started working on the follow-up to Slightest Of Treason, and were able to record over 25 new songs for their next project, with they describe as having a more relaxed and contemplative sound and tone that reflects the past two years of all of our lives, with “Have I Gone Too Far” being one of the first songs they recorded in these sessions.

The band is led by songwriter and guitarist Cameron Keiber, and musicians Dennis Grabowski on drums and Dave Grabowski on bass, and their music explores themes around man, nature, religion, race, entitlement, theft, forgiveness and redemption, over a soundcape that it indie rock, modern blues and sad-pop. As they say, “it’s music for people who like to dance in the dark, alone“.

Listen to “Have I Gone Too Far” below:


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