Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Invites Crying Fan Onstage | Music News


Dave Grohl keeps giving fans more and more reasons to love him. A few days ago, Grohl got someone onstage to sing Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” with the band, and has been known to interact with fans on multiple occasions. This time, after spotting a crying fan whilst addressing the audience, Grohl invites them onstage. “Are you crying right now? You’re fucking crying, aren’t you?”, the vocalist said with a smile. “I love you, man. Holy shit. You know what? Fuck that speech I was just gonna make”.


The fan – Anthony – is told to come onstage before the band finish playing “My Hero”. Soon afterwards, Anthony is offered Grohl’s seat and the Colorado crowd of 18,000 is encouraged to sing the chorus to the bashful fan. The incident is already so notorious that Setlist.FM have added ‘(Acoustic w/Crying Drunk Anthony)’ beneath “My Hero” on their set list for the concert. Watch the heart-warming video below.




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