Forest Whitaker & Netflix To Collaborate On ‘Hello, Universe’ Adaptation | Film News


With Disney+ looming, there’s been a noticeable trend in Netflix’s recent projects. While the streaming giant probably has the mouse house beat on most areas, one demographic they may fall short on is children. With Disney+ set to be very kid-friendly, Netflix has been trying to counter with their own youth-oriented content. The latest comes from Forest Whitaker.


Netflix is teaming with The Last King Of Scotland actor to produce a live-action film based on Erin Entrada Kelly‘s novel, Hello, Universe. Michael Golamco will write the screenplay.


The book revolves around a bully’s antics, which lands a timid boy in the bottom of a well. A self-proclaimed psychic friend and unknowing crush joining forces to find him. Kelly’s action-adventure tale intersects between two boys and two girls as each duo discovers their inner bayani – “a hero unafraid to do what needs done when staring into the face of adversity, fear, and the unknown”.


As mentioned, this is the latest announced family-friendly project from Netflix. Others include Nzingha Stewar‘s Tall Girl, and Rachel Talalay‘s A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting. Netflix probably aren’t too worried about competition – their service has essentially become ubiquitous in every household – but they’re not going to stand flat-footed and let Disney muscle into their territory.


We’ll wait to learn more about Hello, Universe. But it likely won’t be the last kid-friendly project Netflix announce. Look out for more in the coming months.



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