Fourteen More ‘Transformers’ Movies Are Coming, Possibly | Film News


This is wonderful news if you love shape-shifting robots, less wonderful if you thought the amount of sequels was excessive before. Michael Bay revealed at CinemaCon that there are fourteen stories written for the Transformers franchise, including ‘main’ movies and spin-offs.


Somehow, considering we’re talking about a franchise that engorges on excess, this doesn’t seem that surprising. Of course, there’s actually little chance we’ll see all fourteen scripts actually get shot and released, but with a franchise that has made as much money as the Transformers series has, who knows? Why would they stop being made if people keep paying en mass to see them?


The next Transformers film lined up is The Last Knight, set to arrive on Friday, June 23. Following that, Bumblebee, a spin-off prequel focusing on the much-loved robot directed by Travis Knight (Kubo & The Two Strings) will arrive June 8, 2018.


Will we seriously be talking about Transformers film #12 in a decades time? It’s very possible, and with the MCU sticking around and Star Wars following a similar model, the future of big budget filmmaking is set to revolve around franchises more than ever before.



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