Fran Kranz Joins Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ | Film News

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Fran Kranz Joins Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ | Film News

Fran Kranz


Having already secured the services of Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Jackie Earle Haley, Tom Taylor and Abbey Lee, director Nikolaj Arcel has another name to his film adaption of the Stephen King series The Dark Tower: Fran Kranz.


Kranz may be an unfamiliar name to some, but he has credits in shows such as FrasierIt’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The Good Wife. He has also been a favourite of Joss Whedon over the years, starring in Cabin In The WoodsMuch Ado About Nothing and Dollhouse. In The Dark Tower he shall be taking on the role of Pimli Prentiss, someone taken from our own world to the world of The Dark Tower to be a henchman to The Crimson King. It must come with great perks.


The Dark Tower is proving to be a monumental undertaking. Being adapted from an entire series of Stephen King novels written between 1982 and 2012, one which links his entire opus together, the film adaption boasts a screenplay with no less than 4 writing credits. And with a cast and crew as talented as they are, The Dark Tower could prove to be the trippy version of The Lord of the Rings that we never knew we wanted.


The Dark Tower will arrive in cinemas February 17, 2017. A tight deadline if ever there was one…



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