Francine Honey Shares New Track 'Red Sky' | Music News - Conversations About Her

Francine Honey Shares New Track ‘Red Sky’ | Music News

Conversations About Her

Francine Honey Shares New Track ‘Red Sky’ | Music News


Canadian folk singer Francine Honey has unveiled her entrancing new single titled “Red Sky” – the first one since the release of her recent album, To Be Continued…


In the artist’s own words, “Red Sky is a gritty, dreamy and ethereal flight echoing the fear, exhilaration and transformation experienced during times of change.


“As the sunset sky transitions to red, you free fall into change. On the other side of the red sunset sky is the red sky of dawn. You find your wings and enjoy flying and soaring within your experience”.


“Red Sky” follows Honey’s critically-acclaimed LP, To Be Continued…, which has received airplay from many radio stations not only in Canada, but also in the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia and more.


Drawn to music from her early years, Honey completed the Berklee College of Music Professional Singer-Songwriter Certificate Program. She self-released her debut album An Ordinary Woman back in 2008 and followed it up with Re-Drawn six years later.


Throughout her career, Honey has worked with such musicians as Beth Nielsen Chapman, Mike Reid, Mary Gauthier, Verlon Thompson and Gretchen Peters. She has also joined numerous organizations, including the Songwriter’s Association of Canada (SAC) and started sharing her knowledge with young emerging artists.


Honey’s honest and soul-baring lyrics have earned her nominations in many prestigious contests, like the Canada Songwriting Contest and the International Songwriting Competition, of which she became a semi-finalist in the Blues and Americana categories.


Listen to “Red Sky” here:




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