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Band frnkiero and the patience – previously frnkiero and the cellabration – have had fans in a flurry over the last few days regarding a special announcement that has been revealed. After days of Twitter teasing, Iero posted a few final advisory tweets before retiring yesterday, one reading:


“Dear frends, official announcement is coming tomorrow at 12pm EST…however, I’d keep my peepers open just in case someone jumps the gun!”


The gun was well and truly jumped when a new track, titled “I’m a Mess”, found its way online, and fans quickly came to realise that an entire album had been made available to pre-order. The impending album Parachutes is due for release on Friday, October 28, via Hassle Records.



Track list:

World Destroyer
Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!
I’m A Mess
They Wanted Darkness
I’ll Let You Down
Dear Percocet, I don’t Think We Should See Each Other Anymore.
Miss Me
The Resurrectionist, Or An Existential Crisis In C#
Viva Indifference



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